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Kate Gonda Jason Somerville Returns To Live Poker Streaming With A Bump Jason Somerville Returns To Live Poker Streaming With A Bump September 4, 2018 September 6, 2018 Kate Gonda Poker streaming sensation Jason Somerville returned to streaming live poker after he took a break that lasted well over a year. A one-time regular in the streaming poker community, Jason has made just a couple of appearances in the past year and a half to do a bit of commentary but it looks like he is now back in action. He decided to make his return a surprise and it’s a good thing for him that he didn’t advertise his comeback as things didn’t exactly go smoothly. Jason’s return to live streaming got off to a rough start when he inadvertently showed the wrong table for about five minutes as he commented on the action that viewers couldn’t see. He fixed the issue but the same thing happened a few hours later which led to some mixed reactions on Twitter.

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